War of the Supreme Mysteries 030

Blurred Lines of the Three Realms

“Do it?”

Yaara Ming didn’t understand.

Donford Wu sat by the fire and sneezed, he knew that Yaara Ming wouldn’t understand so naturally he wouldn’t explain.

“Go rest, I’ll come find you tomorrow.”

Said Yaara Ming.


Donford Wu replied with enthusiasm.

It seemed like Yaara Ming didn’t expect for him to be so enthusiastic, after hesitating a few seconds, she turned around and went down the mountain.

After Yaara Ming left, Donford Wu didn’t think too much about things, putting his head down he went to sleep. Everything that happened to him today caused him to have a bit of a headache. Sleeping should help him calm his head down.

Not sleeping for long, he was woken by Food Dump. Food Dump currently had diarrhea. It was probably because its tummy wasn’t feeling too well that it started walking around him “Hn”ing.

Helplessly, Donford Wu raised the fire. Hugging the Food Dump that was afraid of fire but wanted to be warm, Donford Wu sat by the fire to bask in the flames. Maybe because it was excessively startled, maybe because what it ate before wasn’t good for it, Food Dump “Hn”ed half the night away.

Early in the morning, Donford Wu went out to find food for Food Dump to eat. This time he didn’t try to find meat for Food Dump but rather carried back a pile of soft bamboo. These things had a lot of fiber, it could help clean the digestive system.

Without a watch he couldn’t know what time it was so he could only guess. Around eight, Yaara Ming came by.

“I’m going out for a bit.”

Donford Wu climbed to a standing position.

“What are you going to do?”

Yaara Ming asked.

“Find food.”

Donford Wu picked up his bow and arrows and went down the mountain.

When he brought back fish, Yaara Ming was currently playing with Food Dump. But Food Dump didn’t like her, gnawing away at the bamboo, it ignored her.

Donford Wu lit back up the fire, splitting open the fish, he started grilling it. Maybe because of the environment she grew up in and her position was different, even though Yaara Ming cared about him a lot, but she wasn’t like Walda Ming who took care of his living quarters, eating, and clothing. This wasn’t because she didn’t want to, but she didn’t know how to.

“Tell me about your ways of controlling the laws.”

Donford Wu started rolling the tree branch that pierced through the fish.

“Let me think were to start from.”

Yaara Ming walked over.

“Anything’s good.”

Donford Wu told her.

“Being a pure Gold blood is the first requirement for cultivating our Gold clan’s way of controlling the laws. Without pure Gold blood, then you wouldn’t be able to sense the Gold Qi, which means you can’t absorb and borrow the Gold Qi in between the heavens and earth.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“Are the other four clans like this as well?”

Donford Wu inquired.

“Yes, every shaman from different clans can only cultivate and absorb the Spiritual Qi that match their own bodies.”

Yaara Ming told him.

“In the period of time I lived in, there are also people like you, but the Qi they cultivate isn’t separated so clearly like yours. But rather through meditation and breathing techniques, they directly absorb the Spiritual Qi in the word. At most they split it into Yin and Yang Qi, but there isn’t any five different classes.”

Donford Wu stated.

“You were a shaman in your period of time?”

Yaara Ming not understanding, asked.

“No, I told you before, I was a warrior.”

Donford Wu sprinkled some salt on the grilled fish.

“Then how do you know about and meditating through breathing techniques, Yin Yang and the five classes?”

Yaara Ming asked.

“In my time, there was books, TVs, and even advertisements of old men and women doing Taiji (Tai Chi). These kinds of things aren’t unfamiliar to us.”

Donford Wu shook his head saying. Conversing and communication are two different things, to be able to smoothly converse doesn’t mean he can smoothly communicate.

Yaara Ming nodded her head. She didn’t ask for details about what books were and what televisions were. This wasn’t because she wasn’t curious, but because she knew that Donford Wu didn’t like remembering the past.

“You guys cultivate through meditation and breathing techniques too?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Yes, but if you want to control the laws, you must also learn different chants and footwork. In your period of time, are there shamans too?”

“There is, but they aren’t called shamans, they are called Taoists (same as Daoists). What they worship aren’t the Gold Deity, Wood Deity and whatnot, but the Three Clarities.”

Donford Wu passed the grilled fish over to Yaara Ming.


When taking that half of a grilled fish, Yaara Ming felt very sweet. She noticed that Donford Wu took off the charred part.

“I told you a lot of times already, there is no need to say thank you between couples.”

Donford Wu helplessly shook his head. Yaara Ming spoke like that of a lady, a lady is good and all, but she couldn’t just let it go and she always kept her manners.

“I heard you talk about the Three Clarities before, what kind of Deities are they?”

“How can I say this, the Ancestor of the Great Balance, do you know their master, Ancestor of the Great Balance?

Donford Wu asked.


Yaara Ming shook her head, confused.

“Then what about Pangu, Nuwu, Fuxi, and Shennong, do you know about them?”

Donford Wu asked again.

Yaara Ming continuously nodded her head.

“These I know, they were deities from long ago.”

“Are they still here?”

Donford Wu asked. It was fortunate for the names of people from legends to actually match the names in ancient times. If not, Yaara Ming wouldn’t know who he was talking about.

“They’re the same as our Gold Deity Rhys, they gave their control over the laws back to the heavens and earth long ago.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“What exactly is giving control over the laws back to the heavens and earth?”

Donford Wu questioned.

This wasn’t the first time he asked this question. Last time, Yaara Ming wasn’t able to explain it to him, seeing him asked this question, she thought very carefully before opening her mouth.

“It is to return all your Spiritual Qi back to the heavens and earth. Even though the body isn’t here, but their Qi is still with the heavens and earth. Some people can feel the Qi that they left behind, and through controlling the laws, they borrow their power.”

“If you say it like that, then I understand. Let’s eat first.”

Donford Wu started his breakfast.

Smelling the delicious fish, Food Dump threw away the bamboo and stumbled over and raised its head to look at Donford Wu. Seeing Donford Wu ignoring it, it turned its head to look at Yaara Ming. Yaara Ming shredded a piece of fish meat over to it. Just when Food Dump wanted to bite down, Donford Wu snatched it away first.

“It has diarrhea, don’t let it eat meat.”

With the hard to get fish meat being taken away by Donford Wu, Food Dump’s started to be anxious. Climbing on top of Donford Wu’s leg to try to take it back, it discovered the fish meat was already stuffed into Donford Wu’s mouth. Because of this, it started a discontent protest. “Ah, Ah, Ah……”

“The hell you “Ah”ing for, go gnaw on your bamboo.”

Donford Wu pointed at Food Dump then pointed at the pile of bamboo at the entrance of the cave.

Hearing Donford Wu’s tone turn serious, Food Dump didn’t dare call out, depressed, it went back to its original position.

“You’re too strict with it.”

Yaara Ming said.

“Maybe because you haven’t raised this kind of animal before, so you guys don’t know its diet. Its diet isn’t the same as dogs and bears, you can’t just feed it meat.”

Donford Wu told her.

“I see.”

Yaara Ming nodded her head.

After nodding her head, she looked behind Donford Wu, following, she frowned.

Seeing Yaara Ming’s strange expression, Donford Wu turned around to look. Only to find Food Dump running away in a panic. Looking more closely, he discovered a pile of shit behind him.

“The fuck.”

Donford Wu grabbed a pebble and threw it behind him. Food Dump was quick, the pebble couldn’t even touch it.

Donford Wu didn’t continue to hit it, taking some dried leaves to cover the poop, he turned around to continue eating.

“How can it be so smart?”

Yaara Ming looked at the Food Dump that hid away in the cave.

“Smart its fucking ass, a lot of animals poop when they are angry. Haven’t you seen a hippo before, those guys shit a lot more.”

Donford Wu spoke out.

“Here, for you.”

Yaara Ming’s appetite was taken away by Donford Wu’s words, so she give the fish back to him.

“Around two kilometers to the south there’s a small hill. There, you’ll be able to find some ripe fruits, go and pick some.”

Donford Wu casually took the grilled fish, he was different from Yaara Ming that stayed at home all day long. When he had nothing to do he would go running around, so he was even more familiar with the surroundings than Yaara Ming.

Donford Wu finished the grilled fish, Yaara Ming also returned with the picked fruits. She had a much cleaner habit than Donford Wu, after bringing back the fruit she went to take a bath.
With the sun raising, the outside started to become hot, the two went back into the cave.

“Are there still living gods?”

Donford Wu asked.


Yaara Ming was unfamiliar with this title.

“It means what you guys call deities.”

Donford Wu didn’t like the title of deities, it always makes him think of people harming cults.

“Ah, what type of deity are you talking about?”

Yaara Ming stated.

“Are deities split into many different kinds?”

Donford Wu picked up a water can and started drinking.

“There is a kind that people cultivate, one that beasts cultivate and another which dark spirits and dark things cultivate.”

“The first one are called gods, the one that beasts cultivate into are called demons, and the ones that dark spirits and dark things cultivate into are called ghosts.”

Donford Wu put back down the water can, shaking his head.

“We just call them all deities.”

Yaara Ming stated.

Donford Wu didn’t try to debate with Yaara Ming.

“Okay, okay, okay, then where do these deities live?”

“Some live in the heavens, some live underground, there are also some that live among us.”

Yaara Ming passed a piece of fruit over to Donford Wu.

“There are also some that live with humans?”

Donford Wu received the fruit and casually tossed it to the bored Food Dump. Food Dump held the fruit in between its mouth and ran out of the cave.

“There is. Deities can live wherever they want to.”

Yaara Ming nodded her head.

“What you’re saying is that they can run around without restriction?”

Donford Wu asked, surprised.

“Who will restrict them?”

Yaara Ming doubtfully asked back.

“The Great Jade Emperor in the Heavenly Palace, and also Yama in the Under Worldly Mansion. They won’t manage these deities?”

Donford Wu asked.

“There isn’t.”

Yaara Ming shook her head.

“What do you mean by there isn’t, there isn’t a Heaven Palace and Under Worldly Mansion or there isn’t any Great Jade Emperor and King Yama.”

Donford Wu continued to ask.

“There isn’t any of that.”

“Yesterday night I heard them talk about the Ghost Realm.”

Donford Wu told her.

“That’s just the name we gave an area where Dark Spirits and Dark Things live. No one stops tem there.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“There must be good and bad deities. If the bad deities do bad things, then what will you do? Who will go stop them?”

Donford Wu continued to inquire on.

“The shamans of the different clans.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“Shamans can beat them?”

Donford Wu questioned.

“Some can.”

Yaara Ming told him.

“And if you can’t defeat them, then what to do?”

Donford Wu asked again.

“We don’t have a Celestial Master of the White Tiger, if Dad and they can’t defeat the deities that have committed crimes, then we can only pay tribute and sacrifice to them.”

Yaara Ming helplessly said.

“Sacrifices and tributes will only allow them to become more and more wild. These demons and ghosts can come to where humans live, can we go to where they live?”

Donford Wu questioned again.

“You should be able to. Yesterday night’s Three Records Glimpse, you went through the Ghost Realm where Dark Spirits and Dark Things gather.”

Yaara Ming told him.

“What would I go to this haunted place for?”

Donford Wu leaned on a rock wall, he originally thought that he had a basic understanding of this period of them. Only know did he discover that he truly didn’t understand this dynasty, the Xia dynasty was much more complicated and messy than he thought. Gods are able to go wherever they please, demons run wild.

“You are our last hope.”

Yaara Ming concentrated her gaze on Donford Wu.

Donford Wu painfully smiled shaking his head. This was a period of no order, laws, or restrictions. Even though there was the shape of a civilization, but it still followed the natural law of the survival of the fittest. Anything that was right or wrong was decided who was the strongest.

Yaara Ming reached out her hand to grab Donford Wu’s left hand, trying to encourage him.

Donford Wu took a glance at Yaara Ming. Standing up, he walked to the cave entrance and looked outside. Only seeing Food Dump was curled up in a ball sleeping on top of a boulder.

“What are you thinking?”

Yaara Ming discovered a strange expression on Donford Wu’s face.

“Taking an advantage while there is a fire.”

Donford Wu grinned while titling his head.

“You want hope right, if you want hope then clothes need to be off……”

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