War of the Supreme Mysteries 031

In the Middle of the Day

Yaara Ming naturally didn’t take anything off, she wanted to run.

Donford Wu naturally wouldn’t allow her to run. Grabbing her, hugging her, and putting her down on the ground.

“No, No, I’m not ready yet.”

Yaara Ming refused, surprised.

Donford Wu knew what he wanted to do, saying anything now was of no use.

“I really am not ready yet.”

Yaara Ming tried to push him away.

Donford Wu found the string that tied her clothes together to have a dead knot. So he then started from the collar, trying to pull the whole thing off.

Even though Yaara Ming didn’t try to scratch his face, but she still continued to struggle. He tried to take it off many times but couldn’t. Giving up, he directly lifted up the robe.

“Wait until night time okay? Night time, Night time I’ll come over.”

Yaara Ming said in horror.

Donford Wu didn’t listen, it has already been more than have a month, Yaara Ming still wasn’t ready. Giving her another half a month, she still wouldn’t be ready. Ignore her, do what you have to do.

Beneath the robe was the undergarments, the undergarment also had a death knot. To forcefully pull on it would definitely hurt Yaara Ming. Adding his left hand, using the strength of both hands, he shredded open the string.

“I’m angry, I’m really angry.”

Through the robe, Yaara Ming used both hands to grab her undergarments.

Donford Wu laughed while looking at Yaara Ming. Taking out his left hand, he scratched the left side of Yaara Ming a few times. Yaara Ming couldn’t stand itches. With her hand loosened, before she could even react to grab it again, her undergarment was already gone.

“Do you believe I will ignore you forever?”

Yaara Ming put on a solemn expression.

Donford Wu pretended he didn’t hear anything. Reaching out to confirm there wasn’t anything else blocking, he started to unbuckle his belt. In the whole process Yaara Ming was struggling, but he didn’t have any hesitation. He once saw how Walda Ming resisted those three Fire clansmen when they wanted to rape her. That was true resistance, a crazy scratching, biting and kicking, three people could barely hold her. If a woman really turns mad, no matter how strong a man was, they wouldn’t be able to do what they wanted to do without knocking her unconscious. Except if the woman was too afraid to resist or they actually didn’t really want to resist.

Yaara Ming was a shaman, if she really wanted to resist him, with a kick she could send him flying. No kicking meant she didn’t want to fight back, not wanting to fight back meant she allowed it and mutually said yes. As for this symbolic struggle, it was half for push half for pull.

Waiting until Donford Wu bent down, Yaara Ming stopped moving, closing both her hands. Her face was filled with nervousness, even to the point where she slightly trembled.

Seeing the last defense in Yaara Ming’s heart crumble, he also slowed down. Standing straight, he untied Yaara Ming’s robe, with enough time, the string that held the robe together was smoothly unfastened.

Sliding off the robe, Yaara Ming didn’t move.

Taking off the undergarment on top of her breasts, Yaara Ming didn’t move.

Right until Donford Wu went down again, did Yaara Ming move. She didn’t resist but reached out to hug him.

Donford Wu’s first action wasn’t a kiss, nor touching the breasts, but directly finding his target, at this moment, this was what a man wanted to do the most. As for the people in TV who touch and kiss the people they sexually assaulted, that was just to give some time for the hero to kick down the door and save the damsel in distress.

Finding and confirming his target, Donford Wu suddenly stopped.

Seeing him suddenly not moving, Yaara Ming slowly opened her eyes to look at Donford Wu. There was the natural nervous in her eyes, and there was blurriness it, in addition to this, there was confusion and doubt.

Donford Wu slightly bent down.

Through her legs, she could feel why he bent down, and also understood why he suddenly stopped.

With a heart filled with nervousness and embarrassment, Yaara Ming closed her eyes and softly nodded her head. She once observed Donford Wu for a very long time. There was some things she knew about beforehand, that was why she has always been so nervous and refused him all the time.

Even with Yaara Ming’s approval, Donford Wu didn’t dare to really do it, their positions is society was really too far part.

Seeing him still hesitate, Yaara Ming put strength into her arms, closely hugging him.

Acquiring Yaara Ming’s encouragement, the man’s instinct inside him rushed out. Beneath him was a woman the same age as him, and was a shaman that could control the laws. Just because she haven’t experienced hardships doesn’t mean she can’t endure them.

Anything that comes, will come no matter what. His hesitation and irresolution broken by Yaara Ming. After a few seconds of waiting, she choose to take the initiative to welcome him.

Body language was able to show more of what a person was truly thinking than speaking. Yaara Ming could conquer her pained expression, but she couldn’t stop her body from shaking.

Donford Wu concentrated his gaze onto the woman below him. Even though it was just a simple shove of her body, but inside it were emotions and feelings unable to be explained by words. There was love and accepting deep within the heart, the repayment for refusing him from before, and there was the willing to take on any burdens. In there was also the meaning of being the initiative, that there was no need to blame himself.

Currently, his feelings contradicted each other. He wasn’t a sissy that kissed people’s toes, he was a solider that has killed many enemies. At the same time his crazed male hormones came bursting out, it also completely brought out the feelings of killing, conquest, destruction that came when a man was born. At this moment, what he wanted to do most was a reckless take over.

But at the same time, there was also another thought that came floating in. That was a man’s thirst to protect. This is also an instinct a man is born with, to protect the weak, to take care of them, to not let them be bullied or harm.

There was no way to resolve this contradiction, they exist at the same time. This deep and meaningful gaze confirmed to Yaara Ming that this man truly loved her, and would never abandon and leave her. The ruthless take over let her to believe that this man was brave and strong, no matter what opponent he faced, he would courageously fight till the end.

The determination of a person that has been through cruel and tough training is strong, strong enough to influence and control things that seem uncontrollable. This was a man’s greatest confidence, no matter how large the resistance was in front of them, no matter how much pressure is on him, I will do whatever I want to do, I will never fail.

Just when Yaara Ming’s face was covered with sweat, he decided to slow down, there wasn’t any disappointment or emptiness, but only an incomparable satisfaction and peace within his heart.

At the same time Donford Wu raised his hand, Yaara Ming reached out her hand. What they wanted to do was the same, to wipe off the sweat on each other’s foreheads.

After wiping away the sweat on Donford Wu’s forehead, Yaara Ming let out a small smile, even though the hint of a smile was immediately replaced by a pained expression, Donford Wu ould still catch that moment of a tender smile. This was the most real, most beautiful smile he ever saw in his whole life.
He wanted to kiss Yaara Ming, so that was what he did. Even if he wasn’t too good at it, nor was Yaara Ming, but in the midst of the clumsiness, there was clear honesty. The most beautiful things in the world are always things that haven’t been modified, the most beautiful woman is always a woman without make up.

Before the passionate kiss ended, Yaara Ming once again revealed a moaning and painful expression.

Donford Wu naturally knew the reason, smiling wryly, he looked at Yaara Ming.

Yaara Ming breathed in a breath of cold air, continuously shaking her head.

Donford Wu wasn’t willing to move forward, or retreat out, he just stopped there, not moving.

“Get up, don’t let anyone see.”

Yaara Ming’s breathing was still very hurried.

“No one will come here.”

Donford Wu shook his head.

“Food Dump is still outside.”

Yaara Ming stated.

Donford Wu really didn’t want to part with this feeling, but he was still worried that after Food Dump woke up, it would run in. It was still small, a child shouldn’t see this kind of scene.

With an unwilling heart, Donford Wu used his arms to push himself up, dismantling his campsite and retreating.

After standing up, Yaara Ming used her right arm to cover up her own eyes.

“What are you covering your eyes for?”

Donford Wu smiled.

Yaara Ming was extremely embarrassed, raising a leg and tilting to the side, she said.

“Quickly put on some clothes.”

“There’s blood, I can’t wear it.”

“There’s water in the can.”

It could be said they stopped just at the right time. Just when Donford Wu put on his clothes, Food Dump ran inside, the sun was too hot, waking it up.

But it seemed like Food Dump didn’t sleep enough, after dozily running in, it climbed into the rock encirclement and kept on sleeping.

“You go out first, I’m going to put on some clothes.”

Yaara Ming waved her hand away.

“Okay, I’ll go get some water for you.”

Donford Wu carried the water basin out the cave, breathing in the fresh air, he felt a feeling he hasn’t felt for a long time, free. All his worries were swept away.

“Oh, I just thought of something.”

Donford Wu turned around back towards the cave.

Yaara Ming was just sitting up, putting on her undergarments. Seeing Donford Wu come in, she quickly covered her chest with a undergarment that looked like Yem.

“Go out.”

“I suddenly thought of something, and it’s really important.”

Donford Wu walked over.

“What is it?”

Yaara Ming instantly returned to her serious expression.

“You guys are have pure Gold blood, so you can absorb the Gold Qi in the world, but it’s because you are pure Gold blood that you can only absorb Gold Qi and unable to absorb others. I’m different from you guys, I can’t just absorb Gold Qi. I must absorb all five Qis at the same time. If I only absorb one, I’ll surely die. If I absorb all five then I’ll be safer.”

From that breath of fresh air, Donford Wu had a sudden spark of inspiration.

Yaara Ming frowned and crinkled her forehead, pondering what Donford Wu just said.

“Think about it. The Spiritual Qi I absorb has all five different Qis in it, as long as I have Gold Qi in my body, then I will be able to use your Gold clan’s ways of controlling the laws. Which also means the Spiritual Qi I absorb can use all five clan’s way of controlling the laws.”

Donford Wu elaborated.

“When you control the laws, you’ll exhaust the Gold Qi, but the amount other Spiritual Qi won’t decrease, you’ll still have the same problem.”

“It’s not what you think, they are all absorbed by me at the same time, if they need to go out, they’ll all go out, there won’t be any single Qi left behind.”

Donford Wu stated.

“If this is true, then you not only can use all five clans way of controlling the laws, but your cultivation speed is also five times faster than ours. Because you can absorb five portions while we can only absorb one.”

Yaara Ming told him.

“That should be right. I’m not too sure on how long you need to cultivate the ways of controlling the laws. But twelve years later, I am able to use powerful ways of controlling the laws from the Fire and Wood clan. Are ordinary shamans able to do this?”

“They can’t.”

Yaara Ming shook her head saying.

Donford Wu smiled.

“Don’t be so happy just yet.”

Yaara Ming frowned while shaking her head.”

“The five clans’ ways of absorbing Qi are all aimed at their own clan’s blood, so all the ways of absorbing Qi aren’t suitable for you.”

“We take a shaman from each clan and torture them, they’ll do it for me.”

Donford Wu was very optimistic.

“It isn’t as easy as you think, go out first, I’m going to put on some clothes……”

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