War of the Supreme Mysteries 032

The Next Day

“Don’t be in such a hurry to get up, I’ll go get some water for you.”

Donford Wu carried a water can out of the cave.

Waiting until he came back with fresh water from the stream, Yaara Ming already finished putting on clothes. The dirtied pants was folded up by her to the side.

“I don’t really know how to……can you wash it?”

Yaara Ming pointed at the folded pants.

“Sit down and don’t move, I’ll go.”

Donford Wu put down the water can and carried the pants away.

The women of the village would often wash clothes by the west side stream. He was afraid that the women of the villagers would see the blood on his pants so he didn’t go towards the west, but went east, towards the large river, to wash the pants.

Coming back once again, Yaara Ming already walked out the cave, and was currently looking at Food Dump who was gnawing on bamboo on the ground since it awoken from hunger.

“Since it’s inconvenient, you shouldn’t move around too much. You shouldn’t go back tonight, I still have some corn here.”

Donford Wu went to dry the pants.

“No need, I can walk.”

Yaara Ming shook her head.

Donford Wu helplessly glanced at Yaara Ming. With her clothes back on, the inviolable seriousness immediately came back to her face.

Food Dump seeing Donford Wu had come back, grabbed a bamboo and ran around him. He knew what Food Dump wanted to do, so he went inside the take out a piece of fruit for it. Food Dump loved sweats, it only gnawed at the bamboo since it had nothing else to chew on.

Yaara Ming sat there not speaking. Normally, he wouldn’t talk either, but right now was not normal. He just bullied her, he can’t just not talk.

Passing over a fruit to her, but she didn’t eat it.

“So where did we talk to?”

Since he didn’t have anything to say, he found something to talk about.

“The ways of cultivating Qi is different in all five different clans. Even if you know all other ways of cultivating Qi from the other clans, it’ll be extremely hard to meld them all together.”

Yaara Ming shook her head saying.

“At least we have to find the other four clans’ way of cultivating Qi. Only then will we know if there is a suitable way for me. Right now, there seems to be only one road we can walk, we have to at least try.”

Donford Wu started a fire and cooked congee.

“We barely know anything of the ways of cultivating Qi from the other four clans, they won’t easily tell us.”

Yaara Ming shook her head again.

“Just do as I just said……”

Yaara Ming waved her hand to ut him off.

“We can’t do that, no matter which clan it is, a shaman’s position is extremely high. If a shaman is missing, their family and clansmen will use all they can to find them.”

Donford Wu slowly nodded his head. Apart from their honorable position, shamans also have a huge trait. That was that their descendants would sure to be a pure blooded clansmen. They normally only marry shamans of their own clan, causing shamans to become a family business. Which is also to say that any shaman in a clan would have family that was shaman in their own clan. If you kidnap a young one, the elders would surely try to find him.

The most important thing is that only their clan would know who the young shaman was a descendant of. If in a one in a million chance they kidnapped one that was like Yaara Ming, it would be strange for her powerful parents not to devour him whole.

Yaara Ming spoke again.

“Even if we risked the dangers and kidnapped another clan’s shaman, we don’t know how their way of cultivating Qi looks like, even if they told us, it might just be a lie.”

“True, this plan won’t work.”

Donford Wu nodded his head.

Going back, even if they caught another clan’s shaman, their parents didn’t come barging in, and the kidnapped shaman told the truth. At the end, taking care of the shaman also became a problem. Killing them was too despicable. If you let them go, then they’ll surely run back and tell everyone their horrible experience. The Gold clan was the weakest clan of all five. If the other clans only asked for the person to be punished would be the best scenario, but directly starting a war was also a great possibility.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, Dad and they are thinking of something.”

Yaara Ming spoke out to comfort him.

“What I’m afraid is that you guys are in too much of a hurry.”

Donford Wu used a wooden pole to move around the burning fire wood. Charles Ming and they killed off the messaging party, right now, they still didn’t know what kind of reaction the Earth clan would have. If the Earth clan really sent out troops, then there’ll be a risk for the whole Gold clan to be annihilated. Even if they were tricked by Charles Ming and they for the moment. When time goes on, they’ll sooner or later find out that the Celestial Master of the White Tiger was fake.

“We’ll think of something later, first let me tell you about our Gold clan’s way of cultivating Qi.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“Let’s talk inside.”

Donford Wu threw away the wooden pole and stood up.

After a slight moment of hesitation, Yaara Ming nodded. Standing up she walked towards the cave. Seeing her wobble while she walked, he rushed forward to try to help her. Yaara Ming waved her hand to brush him away.

Donford Wu was already clear of Yaara Ming’s temper. He knew that she was irritated because she couldn’t move around all that well. After a moment of hesitation, he still went up to go support her. Confucius has already defined woman long ago. “Women and despicable people are hard to take care of, when the time is close, they’ll think you of having no manners, when the time is far, they’ll think you didn’t care for them.

After shuffling inside, Donford Wu carried over the blanket and let Yaara Ming sit on it. He sat next to her, Food Dump clambered up and sat next to him.

After sitting down, Yaara Ming started to talk about the main points of Gold clan cultivation. Talking about cultivation, one must first talk about the Five Ways. Donford Wu knew these, Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. All restraining all helping each other, all the people in the world knew about this.

Then it was time for the pressure points, muscles and bones, Donford Wu knew about this too. If he didn’t understand muscles and bones, then there was no way to subdue his opponent in close combat. If he didn’t know pressure points, then he couldn’t learn hard Qi. But his hard Qi wasn’t any good, he felt that no matter how powerful hard Qi was, it wasn’t as powerful as a gun. When fighting with enemies, they won’t just wait for you to get close to them.

He knew some of the main pressure points, but the human body had a few hundred of these points, he couldn’t remember them all. Yaara Ming started to point at pressure points one at a time, at first she taught him extremely detailed, but discovering Donford Wu becoming more and more irritated, she gave up on some of the not too useful pressure points and focused on the main ones.

After talking about pressure points, it was time to talk about meridian paths. They weren’t too clear about the four other clans, but the Gold clan cultivated Qi very similarly to today’s way of cultivating Qi, it all ran through the Ren and Du meridian paths. Calming the heart through mediation, gather Gold Qi through breathing techniques, saying it more accurately, they didn’t actively try absorb Gold Qi, but the Spiritual Qi that they could absorb and gather was only Gold Qi, maybe this was because of their body and blood.

Finishing talking about meridian paths, it was time to talk about ways of controlling the laws. Yaara Ming thinks that the ways of controlling the laws was bestowed upon them by the Gold Deity. Whenever they controlled the laws, they were helped by the Gold Deity Rhys. He just listened to it, but he didn’t believe it. He felt that controlling the laws was just through a special cultivation practice, he could gather some useful Qi in his body, and using the Qi in his body to connect and react with the Qi in the outside world. Like throwing a rock into a body of water, it would create ripples around it. The person controlling the laws was the rock, and the effect of the laws was but just an expanding ripple. The Spiritual Qi in the world was this rippling water.

Yaara Ming talked a lot, Donford Wu listened a lot. He remembered some of it, and some he felt wasn’t useful and didn’t remember it. There was a limit to a person’s vigor, they couldn’t just remember everything, so there was bound to be some loses. What the challenge was, was to remember the main points.

“Is there anything you don’t understand?”

Yaara Ming asked.

“I understand almost everything.”

Donford Wu stood up and walked towards the outside.

“Where are you going?”

Yaara Ming asked.

“The congee should be done.”

Donford Wu asked.

The congee was overcooked, there was no water left, it just turned into rice.

“You really understand everything?”

Yaara Ming pushed away the food can that Donford Wu passed over to her.

“I do, cultivating the ways of controlling the laws have two main points. One is mediating, it is to expel all useless thinking, so that when you control the laws, you can concentrate on shifting the Spiritual Qi in your body. Two is gather Qi, if the body doesn’t have Spiritual Qi then there is no way to connect with your Gold Deity.”

Donford Wu didn’t say to connect with the Spiritual Qi in the outside world, afraid that Yaara Ming wouldn’t be too happy about it.

“It is our Gold Deity.”

Yaara Ming said in a strong tone.

“Okay, okay, our Gold Deity. Eat a bit, you haven’t eaten a bite since morning.”

Donford Wu once again passed over the food can.

“I’m not hungry, you eat.”

Yaara Ming helplessly sighed out. Cultivating was an extremely serious matter. All the preparation beforehand has use, but when she was seriously passing on her knowledge, Donford Wu didn’t pay too much attention, even to the point that he remember the congee outside, his learning attitude wasn’t all too good.

“I really remember it, if you don’t trust me, then test me.”

Donford Wu placed the food can to the side.

Yaara Ming really did test him, first asking about the meridian paths, then the pressure points, Donford Wu actually could answer all of them.

“Why do you want to take a bite of everything?”

Donford Wu sent Food Dump who sniffed the Food Dump running.

“Don’t hit it.”

Yaara Ming hurriedly stopped him.

“I didn’t use any strength.”

Donford Wu said.

“Still, no. It is the Bear King, you can’t be so manner less to it.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“And I’m the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, it’ll be my mount later on.”

Donford Wu stared at her saying.

“That doesn’t even compare. It isn’t sure that you are the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, but it definitely is the Bear King.”

Yaara Ming told him.

“If you keep babying it, you’ll really raise a Food Dump.”

Donofrd Wu stated.

Yaara Ming frowned, squinting her eyes. DOnford Wu once said that the meaning of Food Dump was fierce and unbeatable, but now, it seems that he was lying. Food Dump wasn’t anything good.

“Okay, whatever you say, I won’t hit it. It’s not hot anymore, eat some.”

Donford Wu once again passed the food can in front of Yaara Ming.

“I really am not hungry.”

Yaara Ming’s tone became soft. Even though Donford Wu seemed so carefree, but in his bones was a strong person. For a person like him to be so caring was extremely rare.

Donford Wu placed the food can down, then took up the water can and passed it over. Yaara Ming raised her hand to take it, drinking a few mouthfuls.

Giving back the water can back to Donford Wu, Yaara Ming once again started talking.

“Shamans are split into nine phases, each phase has their corresponding ways of controlling the laws……”

“There’s someone calling out.”

Donford Wu heard a woman’s hurried cry from the west side mountain path.

Yaara Ming also heard it, standing up, she walked out the cave.

“What is it?”

“Lue (Lv) was bitten by a poisonous snake.”

The woman cried.

“I’ll go down to take a look, I won’t be back for a few days.”

Yaara Ming told Donford Wu.


Even though Donford Wu replied with a happy manner, but he was still disappointed in his heart. To only have a taste of something good was a very frightening thing.

Yaara Ming turned around and went towards the south, after a few steps, her speed slowed down.

“I’ll give you a piggy back ride down.”

Donford Wu spoke out.

Yaara Ming frowned, staring angrily at him for a moment, then turned around, leaving at great speeds.

Flipping over the dried pants, Donford Wu went back into the cave to lay down. Right now he was worried what the Earth clan would do because of the messaging party. If the Earth clan immediately declared war at the Gold clan, then he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

At dawn, he went out once again, to get some bamboo for Food Dump.

For three continuous days, Yaara Ming didn’t come back.

On the night of the third day, a Celestial Master of the Gold clan came by, but this person wasn’t Charles Ming, but rather Uncle Xavier, which was that ball.

The ball came over for two reasons, one was to pass the news. The Earth clan didn’t send out troops because of the messaging party, nor did they send out shamans to get revenge. There was also their ideas for his situation.

The second was to give him a lifesaving thing……

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