War of the Supreme Mysteries 033

A Boring Life

A belt, a belt made from soft metals, the width was about the size of four fingers. At one end was a round loop, while at the other was a tiger head hook.

“What is this for?”

Donford Wu weigh the belt in his hand, the belt wasn’t heavy, about one point five to two kilograms. It didn’t seem all too ancient either, it shined a bright yellow, not like something that has went through many years.

“This copper belt was refined by our Gold Qi. Wear it around your waist, if you meet any dangerous situation then press on it.”

The ball pointed at the tiger head that stuck out.

“What’ll happen if I press it?”

Donford Wu went closer to the fire. Looking closely at the tiger head hook, he discovered that the tiger’s nose wasn’t one with the tiger head hook.

“When you press it, we’ll know when you encounter a dangerous situation. So we’ll try to pull you back to the capital in the shortest amount of time possible.”

The ball stated.


Donford Wu still held a strand of doubt. He didn’t know the exact distance between here and the capital. But from the three day walk to the tribe, and from the night and day ride to the capital on a quick horse, the distant shouldn’t be any less than five hundred kilometers. He knew that the Gold clan could control metals, but he wouldn’t have thought that they could control metals from such a distance.

“We three were busy making this belt these few days, exhausting a lot of our Gold Qi, don’t look down on it.”

The ball directly said.

“I’m not looking down on it. I just wouldn’t have thought that the three Celestial Masters could be so amazing. To actually control the laws from a few hundred kilometers away.”

Donford Wu hurriedly backtracked. Even though the ball liked praise, but he wouldn’t exaggerate what he says. This belt must have used up a lot of their sweat and tears.

There wasn’t anyone who didn’t like praise. Hearing this, the ball’s expression turned a bit embarrassed.

“To us, this wasn’t something easy to do, but because you are our Celestial Master of the White Tiger, no matter what price we have to pay, we must guarantee your safety.”

Donford Wu once again said a word of thanks. Following, he told the ball what kind of theories he and Yaara Ming came out with. The ball was the least hard working in the three Celestial Master, but also the best at talking, he wanted to hear the ball’s opinion on the matter.

“These few days, we also thought about it, with your kind of situation, there isn’t any suitable way of cultivating Qi right now. In the end, we might just have to reference and meld the other four clan’s. We’ll slowly think of something for this matter, you don’t have to worry about it.”

The ball stated.

“Sorry for the bother Celestial Master.”

Donford Wu cupped his hands and thanked him.

“You are the son in law of Third Brother, and also our Celestial Master of the White Tiger. When there isn’t any outsiders, you don’t need to have such courtesies.”

The ball waved his hand.

“Uncle Xavier.”

Donford Wu once again cupper his hands.

The ball nodded, satisfied.

“When there is nothing to do, don’t just curl up in this cave. Go around the place, and there is no need to avoid the villagers. The more you don’t want them to see, the more curious they are.”

Donford Wu nodded his head in response.

“Okay, you go to sleep, I’ll be going back.”

The ball turned around, walking towards the entrance of the cave.

Donford Wu also went out to send him away, Food Dump also staggered out with him.

There was a moon tonight, so it wasn’t too dark. You could see that after the ball lifted up into the air, he didn’t leave immediately, but went a few rounds around the surrounding area. The goal of this was most likely to observe the surrounding geography. So that if anything happens, he could safely pull Donford Wu out of here. If he didn’t confirm the altitude of the mountains, then when he pulled Donford Wu out, Donford Wu would likely crash into a few rather tall mountains.

Only until the ball left far away, did Donford Wu return to the cave. The amount of protection and help the three Gold clan Celestial Masters gave him was no small about. To call them stick and ball in his mind wasn’t right, from now on, he will call them Uncle Gabriel and Uncle Xaiver.

With this life saving belt, he was completely reassured. He wasn’t worried about his safety for a single moment, what he was worried about was Yaara Ming. Yaara Ming use to have a mask, so other people couldn’t see her face, meaning she was rather safe. But now that she has taken off her mask, horny bastards would start coming. Even though Charles Ming killed one off, but who could guarantee that another one wouldn’t appear. If another one appears, then how should he respond to that? This was a problem he was always worried about. The problems he now faced wasn’t really a problem.

Early in the morning and in the evening was the best time to hunt.

Early in the morning, Donford Wu woke up, taking his bow and arrows with him to hunt. Food Dump followed him a few steps, then stopped, turning around, it wanted to go back.

Donford Wu ran up and carried it. Bringing it towards the south. He couldn’t always just let Food Dump stay in the cave, he should let it know about its surrounding.

Walking for two or three kilometers. Donford Wu put Food Dump down. At this time, Food Dump already couldn’t see the cave, so it could only follow him. “Hn”ing while it walked.

Hunting needed silence and stealth. Bringing Food Dump naturally wouldn’t have any great harvest. But bringing it out for some exercise was good, it helped him to digest. But Food Dump was lazy, after a few steps, it wasn’t willing to walk anymore. But it didn’t dare stay in the forest by itself, seeing Donford Wu not waiting for it, it could only keep on jogging at small speeds to keep up.

Without enough luck, he couldn’t hunt anything. At least, he could only go to the river and catch a few fish. The fishes’ alertness was worse than fish in modern times, but their heads were a lot larger. Only needing the right angle of penetration through the water, it was easy to catch them.

Going back to the cave, he discovered Yaara Ming came by.

After a few days of recharging his sperm count, he really missed Yaara Ming. But Yaara Ming had her usual serious and cold expression, making it hard for him to make any intimate actions.

Yaara Ming came here to give him some corn. After hearing what happened last night, she didn’t stay long, turning around to go down the mountain.

He didn’t tell Yaara Ming about the belt, if Yaara Ming knew the use of the belt. If there really was any kind of emergency, then she would definitely push it for him.

“If there isn’t anything to do, then you could sit down for a while.”

Donford Wu hardened his face to ask for her to stay.

“There was someone who was bitten by a snake in the village, it needs close caring.”

Yaara Ming didn’t stop, even to the point of not looking back.

“Give me the Inner Dan the black bear gave to Food Dump.”

Donford Wu cried out again.

Yaara Ming turned her around and came back, giving him the purple Inner Dan.

“How do I use this?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Just give it to it to swallow.”

Yaara Ming turned around to leave.

Sending Yaara Ming off with his gaze, Donford Wu sighed out. The reason he sighed was of many reasons. Disappointment from Yaara Ming’s absence, the introspection of himself that kept wanting to do naughty things, and the helplessness of the difference of personality. Right now, you could say Yaara Ming was that of the treating each other like guests type, and he was the ungentlemanly type.

Soldiers like training their bodies. Most of them did it for crazily increasing their endurance and strength. Since he couldn’t learn about controlling the laws for the moment, training his body became his first goal. Apart from leisurely times, he also brought Food Dump outside. Even though Food Dump loved eating, but it was extremely smart, it could understand what he was saying, even to the point of reading his gaze. This might have something to do with the Inner Dan it swallowed.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed. The weather turning cold. At this time, he only got what he wanted twice. It wasn’t known if Yaara Ming originally didn’t like this kind of stuff, or she thought she was just fulfilling her duty, doing it once every half a month. Making Donford Wu incomparably depressed.

Maybe because it was to keep things a secret, Charles Ming and they didn’t come over again. Every day, Donford Wu would go out, occasionally, he was able to hunt a rather large animal, so he brought it over to the village to eat and drink with everyone. Towards this kind of action, Yaara Ming kept an opposing attitude. Thinking that he lacked the seriousness of a shaman. But even though she was dissatisfied, she couldn’t do anything about it, saying it a few times, Donford Wu completely treated it as wind blowing past his ear.

With the time flowing along, Donford Wu discovered a pattern. If there was a time he showed a large amount of hostility or resistance, then Yaara Ming would accompany him for a night. If he did well, then it would be the standard half a month.

Discovering the pattern, he didn’t take advantage of it, but rather was a bit irritated. This meant that Yaara Ming treated this matter as her duty to comfort his emotions, and that she didn’t like it herself. Since she didn’t like it, the joy of it directly split in half.

Even though the joy split in half, but coming to half a month, he couldn’t suppress it anymore. At this time, he discovered that Confucius was really logical. “Eating and gender.” Eating and wanting another person was a person’s nature, it was extremely hard to suppress. The most important thing was that this person was his wife, if he had a wife, then he could suppress it, but he really was too depressed.

One day at noon, Walda Ming came over, giving him a long sleeved shirt. Maybe because it was to avoid suspicion, after sending the clothes, Walda Ming left in a hurry. Before she left, she told him to never tell anyone that she sent him clothes.

Sending Walda Ming off with his gaze, Donford Wu felt a bit of regret. He was originally a country side child, he didn’t like spending his whole day thinking about women. If he knew that it would come to this, he would have married Walda Ming. She knew how to cook and knew and to sew, she was pretty good.

There was some matters that people should only think about, but shouldn’t really do it. The man of Walda Ming’s life treated her well, hearing from the villagers, Walda Ming was pregnant again.

Even though the southern side wasn’t wintry, but there was still distinct four seasons. Arriving at fall and winter, the temperature turned cool. These days, he has been chasing a herd of mountain goats, this herd had about a dozen. They stayed in the mountain north west of the village. The terrain there was very complicated, with a lot of sharp cliffs and drops, the mountain goats were extremely alert. They could discover danger just in time, borrowing the extremely steep cliffs to escape.

The sun quickly went down the mountain. Donford Wu placed today’s last hope on this herd of mountain goats. This herd of mountain goats had a very acute sense of smell, to stop them from smelling the odor from Food Dump’s body, he left Food Dump at a faraway forest. He himself closed in on the cliff that the herd of mountain goats stayed at. This cliff was the shape of a horse shoe, going down was a bunch of messy rocks, about thirty to forty meters from the top of the cliff. He hid himself in grass and bushes directly at the south side. The herd of mountain goats were currently eating grass at the cliff in the direct north.

Mountain goats had a strange habit. Wherever it was dangerous, they would run there. The grass on flat lands they deliberately wouldn’t eat, but they just loved eating the sparse grass on the cliffs. The most important thing was that the grass on the cliffs were the same as the flatlands. Maybe they thought that the harder it was to acquire, the better it was.

Donford Wu patiently looked at the mountain goats jumping around the cliff. The distance between him and them was about one hundred and fifty meters, right now, he could fire an arrow accurately at one hundred meters. As long as a mountain goat went into his range, he would immediately release an arrow. If he wanted to kill the mountain goat directly, then the distance absolutely couldn’t be farther than fifty meters. But the alertness of mountain goats was too high. In fifty meters, it was highly likely for them to sense him. And this was a cliff, as long as he wounded the mountain goat, they’ll fall to their deaths. The valley wasn’t too deep, there was still something that could be counted as slope. He could go down and carry the mountain goat on his back.

The alpha goat went into his range, but he didn’t release his arrow. Facing a group of animals, he normally wouldn’t kill the leader. For one, they were normally the largest, and hardest to kill by arrows. Two they normally had the mission to protect the herd, killing the leader meant the whole group lost their protection.

Behind the alpha goat, was a female goat, pregnant, Donford Wu still didn’t release his arrow.

Behind this female goat was a male goat. Currently sniffing the female goat’s odor, its face was like it was drunk.

It shall be you, you bastard!

Donford Wu bent the bow, hurriedly shooting out. The bone arrow lodged itself into the male goat’s jugular. Feeling pain, the male goat started to jump around crazily, right until it fell down the cliff. The other mountain goats were frightened, under the leadership of the alpha goat, the herd left the cliff, escaping into the northern forest.

Donford Wu carefully went down the valley. He first circled the valley, confirming that there wasn’t any ambushing animals. Then went to mountain goat. Seeing the prey already dead, he took back the bone arrow and flinging the prey onto his back, preparing to climb back out.

The goat was around thirty kilograms, climbing while having it on his back was extremely difficult, when he reached the half point of the cliff, an arrow hit his right hand that held on the rock cliff……

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