War of the Supreme Mysteries 034

Planting the Seeds of Disaster

Donford Wu used his left hand to cling onto the rock wall, hurriedly turning his head to find the origin of the arrow. Only seeing that on top of the cliff behind him were four people standing. Three of them were large men holding bow and arrows, the other was a robe wearing shaman. Looking closely, it was that male shaman that tried to hit on Yaara Ming but was refused.

At this time, the male shaman backhanded slapped one of the large males. This man’s bow didn’t have an arrow in it, without asking, it was he who shot the arrow.

Just when Donford Wu thought the male shaman was stopping the villager from doing something stupid. The words that the male shaman spoke out to reprimand the male made a chill go up his spine.

“Dumb fuck, you can’t leave arrow wounds on him.”

Hearing the male shaman’s words, Donford Wu used his teeth to pull the sharp arrow out. Stretching his five fingers to confirm that he could still climb, he immediately started to climb up the rock face. The male shaman intentionally wanted to kill him, since he couldn’t make an illusion of him falling to death, he would most probably get rid of his body to destroy the evidence.

The time the male shaman spent pondering on what to do since he couldn’t make an illusion of Donford Wu falling to death, was Donford Wu’s time to escape. To be able to climb up to cliff was not only on his climbing speed, but also the amount of time the male shaman took to make a decision.

While climbing, Donford Wu didn’t let go of the dead goat. Even though the dead goat would slow down his speed, but it could protect his back. In this kind of situation, where he had his back facing the enemies, was the correct decision. Right before he reached the top of the cliff, the dead goat helped him block an arrow, this arrow meant that his opponent has already decided to kill him, and didn’t care if he could make an illusion of him falling to death.

Climbing to the top of the cliff, Donford Wu immediately crawled down, climbing towards the trees, quickly pushing off the dead goat, he then squatted in a low posture and readied his bow to fire at one of the large men.

Waiting until the bow string was fully strung, he changed his mind. These villagers were all from another Gold clan village. Even though they committed crimes against him, he couldn’t kill them, if not, after the male shaman went back, he would surely change what was right and wrong.

While he was thinking this thought, another feathered arrow came flying from the south. Skimming his face, it landed in the trunk of a large tree.

Donford Wu hurriedly crouched down. Moving back behind a boulder, he placed his bow to lean on the boulder, revealing a part of it to misdirect his opponents. He himself slowly moved away, while moving, he tried his best to not touch the grass and bushes, so that he wouldn’t expose his position.

Crawling for a dozen something meters, Donford Wu went into a crouching position and carefully went forward. Even though his opponents were hiding in a forest, but from the directions of the arrows, he could determine where they hid themselves.

His opponents continuously let go feathered arrows near the area of the boulder. Donford Wu used this chance to go over, putting his back handed held dagger into a front handed position. Back hand was to slit the throat, and he didn’t want to kill these people.

Getting close, Donford Wu rushed out. His dagger sinking into one of the large male’s left arm, after it penetrated, the dagger was immediately taken out, sinking into the right arm.

The male shaman and the other two large men didn’t think that Donford Wu would dare actively come over. Their minds in a daze. Donford Wu used this chance to strike out once again. Like a carbon copy, he pierced through another large male’s arms. His heart was in flames, even though what he pierced through was the arms, when he pulled out the dagger, he added a turning force, expanding the wounds.

Seeing Donford Wu so fierce, the male shaman looked at his left and right then ran towards the empty lands behind him. The other large male took out a short knife from his waist, planning on slowing down Donford Wu.

Donford Wu didn’t give his opponent the chance to set his mind. A feint, his opponent waved his short knife around to try to stop him, waiting until his opponent tilted towards the left, Donford Wu turned around and gave him a back kick square on his chest.

Unsteady, the male stumbled backwards, Donford Wu used this chance to continue his onslaught. His opponent messily swung his short knife around to protect himself, but he didn’t think that this time, Donford Wu didn’t use his two arms, but used his legs. Severe pain made him cry out and bend down. This time, the dagger in Donford Wu’s hand drilled itself into the man’s two arms.

The three males in serious pain, cried out in shrill agony. The male shaman was originally already prepared to face Donford Wu in a battle, hearing the shrill cries, his heart turned instead, turning around, he wanted to leave instead.

How could Donford Wu let him escape, with a flick of his wrist, he pinched the sharp end of the dagger, sending it flying.

Who would’ve thought that even though the male shaman had a bad mindset, would actually have some skill. In the midst of a mess, his copper pole deflected the dagger.

Deflecting the dagger, the male shaman restored his confidence, turning back around and rushing towards Donford Wu.

At this time, Donford Wu was currently determining were his dagger fell, waiting until he turned his head, the male shaman already reached him, his copper pole coming down hard.

Donford Wu tucked his head to dodge, using his momentum, the male shaman continued forward, his right knee rushing upwards, slamming towards Donford Wu’s mouth.

Seeing the knee, Donford Wu’s arms quickly came together, blocking his opponent’s right knee. The knee wasn’t comparable to the strength of two elbows, making it impossible to crash into Donford Wu’s mouth.

Three times the male shaman lifted his knee, three times they were blocked by Donford Wu. Using the moment his opponent retracted his leg, Donford Wu pushed forward. At the same time the male shaman retreated, he slammed his copper pole into Donford Wu’s back, Donford Wu bit down and endured the pain. Quickly turning around, he grabbed a bronze short knife that one of the men dropped on the ground.

“Shut up.”

Donford Wu stabbed at the man that was crying out the worst.

This stab was into the thigh, not only did it not make him shut up, but made him scream even louder.

At this time, the male shaman was rushing at him once again. Giving a kick at one of the men that tried to grab his leg, he turned around to welcome the incoming male shaman.

Eyeing the short knife in Donford Wu’s hand coming at him, the male shaman’s right hand hurriedly waved around. Donford Wu only felt that his right hand was empty, the short knife already out of his grasp.

Only know did he remember that his opponent could control metal, just when he thought of this point, the short knife already turned around and was coming back, slashing towards his throat.

Donford Wu hurriedly titled backwards to dodge, the short knife scratching his chest. Embedding itself into a tree not too far away.

Not waiting for him to come back up, the male shaman already reached him, his right leg lifting up, a fierce stomp was aimed at Donford Wu.

Donford Wu couldn’t evade quick enough, and was hit by his opponent. Seeing the copper pole in his opponents hand about to slam itself onto his head, he hurriedly grabbed his opponent’s leg. Fiercely turning his body, he forced his opponent down to the ground. Not waiting for the male shaman to get up, Donford Wu clambered on top of him, his two fists raising into the air, aiming only for the face.

At first, the male tried to dodge and counterattack. After a few punches, he started to beg for mercy. Donford Wu had a stomach filled with anger, the more he begged, the more violently he punched down. After a dozen of continuous punches, the male shaman’s eyes and mouth were only opened a slit. His face filled with blood.


A cry from behind made him turn his head around. Only seeing a large male holding a short knife that was trying to ambush him from behind. But was bitten on the leg by Food Dump.

After the cry, the large male used a kick to send Food Dump flying, Donford Wu used this chance to grab the male shaman’s copper pole and slammed it into the large male that tried to ambush him. Then with another satisfying kick, he crushed his foot on the head of the male shaman that tried to lift his head up. Throwing away the copper pole, he ran towards the Food Dump that was five or six meters away, and hugged it. Food Dump was kicked stupid by the large male, struggling fiercely from the hug, crying out.

“I didn’t take care of you for noting.”

Donford Wu comforted Food Dump while giving kicks over to the large males that were trying to get up. Kicking them until their faces were filled with blood and didn’t dare to raise their heads.

Just when Donford Wu picked up his dagger, he discovered a bunch of large men waving bats rushing over from the forest. He didn’t recognize anyone of them, without asking, these were the villagers from the male shaman’s village.

“We’re over here, he killed our shaman, quickly kill him.”

A person pretending to be dead seeing help, hurriedly cried out.

They came in a whole group, a full tens of people. Donford Wu quickly calculated his strength against theirs. Confirming that there wasn’t any hope of winning, he hugged Food Dump wanting to escape. Bravery and stupidity was only separated by a thin line. To fight when it is worth it is bravery, to still fight when it isn’t worth it is stupidity.

Right at this time, shouts came from the south eastern side, hearing the shouts, the amount of people that way weren’t little by any chance.

Hearing the shouts, Donford Wu gave up on escaping, he was familiar with the voices of the men of the village, his people have come too.

After a few seconds, a bunch of strong men reached Donford Wu. The shovels and picks in their hands meant that when they heard the cries of pain, they directly came over from the mines.

“Donford, are you hurt.”

The bunch asked in concern. Donford Wu didn’t place himself highly, whenever there was something good to eat, he will tell them to eat with him, their relationships were quite good.

Donford Wu didn’t reply, the two group of men were already ready to move. The people in these times weren’t like the small bouts in modern times, shouting for half a day and they still didn’t make a move. They just shouted attack and directly started the battle.

“Listen to me!”

Donford Wu seeing the situation about to turn into a group fight, hurriedly shouted at the crowd.

The crowd hearing this stopped momentarily. Donford Wu raised his right hand to shout.

“I killed a mountain goat. Going down that cliff, I went to pick up my prey, but they used arrows to attack me while on top of the cliff!”

Speaking till here, Donford Wu then pointed his finger at the male crying out the loudest.

“It was him, it was him who released the arrow!”

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me, it was George (Guo), it was George.”

The male pointed at another male that died from unconsciousness.

Donford Wu smiled.

Now the situation was clear, Donford Wu was the victim while they were the shameless ambushers. Under the villagers on Donford Wu’s side’s jeers and cheers. The opposing village carried their own villagers and half dead shaman, and with shameful faces, walked towards the north.

Some villagers carried Donford Wu, the others carried his prey and bow and arrows. Singing a lyric less song on the way back home.

Donford Wu emphasized many times that he could walk, but the villagers just didn’t let him walk. Only until he said.

“If you guys carry me like this, then would the villagers think I’m injured?”

Only after this did the men let him down.

On the way back, Donford Wu was carrying Food Dump. Food Dump already went back to its silent self, but its neck seemed to be sprained, always tilting to the side. After half a day of continuous massages its head finally become upright again.

Arriving back at the village, they started to roast the goat. Some of it was sliced off to boil in a vat. Roasting was the oldest way of cooking, at this period time, roasting took more than half of the ways of cooking.

When the crowd was busy outside. Yaara Ming was inside the house bandaging Donford Wu up. Hearing Donford Wu’s story, Yaara Ming wasn’t happy for him, but rather had a heart filled with worry.

“Food Dump should be in the capital right now, how did you explain to them?”

“What you’re worried about is not my life or death, but rather Food Dump was seen by other people?”

Donford Wu frowned while looking at Yaara Ming. The reason why the male shaman tried to kill him today was, except for not liking him, was because he was jealous of his relationship with Yaara Ming.

“With Food Dump exposed, the news would spread. My dad and them patrolled the capital day night, just to trick our enemies. Now, everything that they did all went to waste.”

Yaara Ming sighed out.

“Food Dump was picked up by me. I’m the most familiar with its eating habits, so me feeding it is also the most suitable. Would this reason work?”

Donford Wu went away from his sitting position and stood up.

“We could only say that.”

Yaara Ming stated.

Donford Wu looked directly at Yaara Ming. Yaara Ming was worrying about Food Dump being seen by the enemy would be bad for him. In reality, she was worried about him. But he wasn’t used to Yaara Ming’s way of worrying. If she said things more directly, it wouldn’t kill her.

With the goat meat cooked, the crowd outside shouted for him. Donford Wu liked lively things, so he went out to eat goat meat with the crowd. Goat meat was a delicacy in modern times, so was it in ancient times, ordinary people couldn’t eat it. The crowd owing Donford Wu for the meat and hearing his courageous story today, made them slowly take out their hidden rice wine for him to drink. Donford Wu made it so that he didn’t drink too much, he was afraid that when he got drunk, he would spout nonsense, it wouldn’t be good if he accidently said that he had wanted to run……

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