War of the Supreme Mysteries 035


Waiting until he was drunk as fuck, Donford Wu stopped drinking. Leading Food Dump up the mountain, he stumbled forward. Everyone wanted to send him off, but were all shooed back.

Arriving back at the cave, Donford Wu fell down and started sleeping. Because he had too much to drink, his tongue and mouth felt extremely dry, but there wasn’t anyone here to pour him some water. His thirst was so incredible that he got up and got a water can himself and walked out the cave. Arriving at the entrance of the cave, wind blew over him, his irritability reducing by a slight margin. The alcohol getting to his head, he fell down on the ground with sleep following close behind.

Not long after, he felt someone take away the water can in his hand, and after another moment of time, he was helped up in a sitting position, the water can brushing against his lips. Feeling the cold touch of fresh water, Donford Wu opened his mouth to drink a few mouthfuls. His head hitting the ground again, he started sleeping.

Around four or five in the morning, Donford Wu was awoken by the cold wind of the early morning. Flipping around, he sat up. Drinking too much rice wine could make a person drunk, but what’s good about it that it doesn’t get into the head too much. After waking up, his clarity was immediately restored.

At this time, the sky was already hazily brightened. Food Dump was sleeping beside him, and that water can was placed a few steps away atop of a boulder.

Donford Wu got up and walked over to pick up the water can, pressing it against his lips to take a drink of water. He then suddenly smelt that a strong flowery fragrance was lingering in the can, a bit like the smell of modern perfumes.

Yaara Ming doesn’t use cosmetics, the female villagers also didn’t use these kinds of things. They aren’t even able to afford a bar of soap, so how could they use cosmetics.

Yesterday night, the person who poured water for him wasn’t Yaara Ming, nor was it the women of the village, who was this person?

In a heart of confusion, Donford Wu tried hard to remember the scene of drinking water yesterday night. Yesterday, he really wasn’t happy with Yaara Ming’s reaction, when he was drinking, he had a bit of washing his worries away use to it. Nearing the end, he was practically unconscious, he really couldn’t remember the details, only remembering someone helping him up and drinking water.

Pondering to this point, Donford Wu moved his head to smell his own two shoulders, discovering that there was a faint fragrance on him.

Donford Wu used his hands to hug his head, trying his best to remember. It was very dark yesterday, he couldn’t see the person’s face, or it could be that he just didn’t open his eyelids wide enough. He really couldn’t remember who this person was, but he vaguely remembered when he was drinking water, there was hair brushing against his face, with long hair, it should be a woman.

Would it be a monster?! Donford Wu shivered in his heart. This place was in the middle of nowhere, and deep in the night, why would there be a woman running around the mountain. Last time he ran into a fox spirit, if he really is that unlucky, it should some kind of spirit this time too.

Very quickly he calmed down, even if the woman really was a monster, she didn’t have any evil intentions. If not, then she wouldn’t have gave him water to drink.

Standing there for a long time, Donford Wu once again put the water can near his nose. Without smoking for so long, his sense of smell improved lots, he could smell that the fragrance only concentrated at the water can’s right handle. On the other parts of the water can, he couldn’t smell this scent. Which meant that yesterday night, that woman held the water can’s left handle over. At this moment, the water can still had half a can filled with fresh water, about the amount he drank yesterday night. Even with only the remaining water and the ceramic can, it weighs a total of two point five to three kilograms. A regular woman couldn’t hold two point five to three kilograms with only one hand and walk this far. Even if this woman wasn’t a monster, she definitely wouldn’t be a regular woman.

Coming to here, the clues broke off, he couldn’t think of anything else. Donford Wu had a sense of loss, she helped him bring water when he needed it the most, and he didn’t even say a word of thanks to this person.

Because of the wound on his hand, he didn’t go out to hunt, only laying in the cave in a daze.

He didn’t go out, he laid in the cave the whole day, Food Dump ate the remaining fruits that were picked a few days ago.

Dawn, Yaara Ming came, bringing a box of medicine to change his bandages.

“You’re a shaman, you need to have a shaman’s seriousness, drink less from now on.”

Yaara Ming untied the bandage on Donford Wu’s right arm.

Donford Wu didn’t say anything.

“You broke Chris’s (Zhu) nose and broke three of his teeth.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“How do you know?”

Donford Wu’s nose flared a bit, the Chris Yaara Ming spoke about was that male shaman’s name without a doubt.

“I went to their village, the villagers there already notified his father. His father is a Great Sage of the Sedimentary Tribe and is coming here right now.”

Donford Wu stared at Yaara Ming, not saying anything.

“Tomorrow, I’ll come by again, tell his father the reasons. But you were too heavy handed, his father seeing him like this will surely be mad.”

Yaara Ming lowered her head to apply medicine on Donford Wu’s wound.

Donford Wu clenched his right fist.

“He ambushed me from behind yesterday. If I fell down from that arrow, then what you’ll be seeing today is my corpse. With my kind of temper, I should have killed him. The reason why I didn’t was because I didn’t want to make trouble for you, and right now you are actually angry at me for being too heavy handed?”

The wounds on his right hand still hasn’t closed, with this clench, fresh blood once again came flowing out. Yaara Ming seeing this hurriedly used a bandage to stop the blood.

Donford Wu took his right hand away and angrily got up.

“The reason I’m staying here is not because I have nowhere to go, it is because you are here.”

“Don’t be angry, I didn’t have that kind of intention. I was only worried that your identity would be exposed. If you’re exposed, then it’ll be extremely dangerous.”

Yaara Ming quickly explained.

“What I hoped more was that you would worry if I needed someone to look after me after I turned drunk, worry if I could cook by myself with a wound on my hand!”

Donford Wu spoke out.

“Anyone home?”

A male voice sounded out from outside the cave.

Hearing this sound surprised Donford Wu. Quickly turning his head to look at the cave entrance, he only saw a purple robed middle age man filled with smiles standing outside the cave. This person’s age was around forty five or six years old, an average build, wide nose and round face, he hand a very kind expression.

Seeing the purple robe, Donford Wu’s heart froze for a bit, only Celestial Masters have the qualifications to wear a purple robe, and he saw the three Celestial Masters of the Gold clan before, this person wasn’t from the Gold clan.

“May I come in?”

The middle aged man asked with a smile.

Donford Wu turned his head to look at Yaara Ming, Yaara Ming had wrinkles covering her forehead, eyebrows furrowing.

“It’s an Earth clan Celestial Master.”

“Thank you, thank you.”

The middle aged man answered his own question, walking inside.

Determining this visitor was an enemy and not a friend, Donford Wu started to ponder if he should rush out. Even though this person had a kind face, but he absolutely wasn’t a kind person.

After walking in the cave, the middle aged man lifted his robe and bent down to sit. But he didn’t sit on the ground, but rather a stone chair quickly sprouted out from the ground.

“Yun, Philip (Ping) Yun. Your name?”

The middle aged man smiled while looking at Donford Wu.

“What are you doing here in our Gold clan?”

Yaara Ming directly asked.

“To invite your husband to be a guest at our Earth clan.”

The Earth clan Celestial Master named Philip Yun smiled.

Donford Wu was currently evaluating the risks of rushing out. This Earth Clan Celestial Master could instantly form a stone chair from rock, this meant his control over the laws was extremely strong. He absolutely had the power to seal the cave entrance, but he didn’t do this. This was a show of his confidence, to possibility of being able to rush out was very small.

“We don’t welcome you, go.”

Yaara Ming used her copper pole to point at Philip Yun.

Philip Yun smiled, reaching out his jade pole, he pushed aside Yaara Ming’s copper pole. Right now, he was only holding a small white jade rabbit, this jade pole was formed from this jade rabbit.”

“If we have to try for a bit to have a nice talk, then you guys can try.”

Philip Yun once again changed his jade pole into a jade rabbit, softly caressing it in his hand.

“What do you want to do?”

Donford Wu blocked the Yaara Ming that wanted to rush forward.

“I said it already, to invite you as a guest at our Earth clan.”

Philip Yun tilted his head to look at the currently snoring Food Dump.

“I can follow you, but you must guarantee the safety of my wife.”

Donford Wu stated. This Philip Yun was a fake gentleman without doubt, but a fake gentleman was at least better than an open villain, at least they would still care about their dignity.

“Only braindead people like Jack Yun would dare harass Charles Ming’s daughter.”

Philip Yun bent down, reaching out his hand to call for Food Dump.

“Don’t touch it.”

Yaara Ming picked up Food Dump.

“Okay, okay, okay, no touching. Is this little Pi Xiu your Bear King?”

Philip Yun looked at the Food Dump in Yaara Ming’s embrace with slight interest.

Yaara Ming nervously looked at Donford Wu, Donford Wu shook his head at her, telling her not to make a move too easily.

“Take your clothes off.”

Philip Ming smiled, saying.

Hearing this, Donford Wu furrowed his brows, traking out his dagger to prepare to fight for his life.

Philip Yun waved his hand.

“Youngsters are always this impetuous. I wasn’t talking about her, I was talking about you. I do have to at least confirm that you are the person we want to invite.”

Only know did Donford Wu understand this person wanted to see if he had a white tiger tattoo. Retracting his dagger, he lifted his shirt up.

Who would’ve thought that Philip Yun would actually shake his head.

“If you really are the guest we want to invite, Gabriel and them would surely give you metal armor or a metal belt.”

Donford Wu secretly cursed, this person was smart. The lifesaving belt the three Gold clan Celestial Masters gave him became an identification item for this person.

“Did I guess right?”

Philip Yun titled his head to the side, smiling while asking.

Donford Wu took off the belt around his waist.

“Do what you want to do most, wrap it around your wife.”

Philip Yun smiled.

Donford Wu did just as he said.

“Let her go.”

Donford Wu stated.

“Sure, the Bear King can also go with her too. Before leaving, do you have something to say to her?”

Philip Yun from start to finish kept on smiling.

Donford Wu turned around to look at Yaara Ming. Yaara Ming bit her lips and made a glare at him, indicating she wanted to fight.

“We can’t beat him, bring Food Dump back to the capital, tell your dad what happened here. Since they didn’t immediately kill me, after going to the Earth clan, they won’t kill me either. They’ll keep me there to make a deal with you guys. If their terms are too overboard, then don’t care about me, after dying, there’ll be a new Celestial Master of the White Tiger.”

Donford Wu told Yaara Ming.

“We aren’t giving out any conditions, but we also aren’t going to officially say that he is at our Earth clan. As long as you guys don’t come messing around, then we won’t chop his hands and feet off.”

Philip Yun looked at Yaara Ming with a slight smile.

Yaara Ming’s whole body shook, once again giving a fighting glare at Donford Wu.

Donford Wu shook his head, turning around to look at Philip Yun.

“Can I send her off?”

“Of course.”

Philip Yun stood up, the stone chair immediately disappearing.

Donford Wu pulled Yaara Ming outside, arriving at the entrance, Yaara Ming turned around and went back into the cave, putting Food Dump down, she picked up the bandages in the medicine box, crying while wrapping it around Donford Wu’s right hand.

“Quick, go.”

Donford Wu picked up Food Dump with one hand, and pulled Yaara Ming out the cave with the other. Exiting the cave, only now did they discover that Philip Yun didn’t come by himself. Above the cave, on the south road, the west and north trees all had one person. All of them wearing purple robes.

The four outside seeing Donford Wu and Yaara Ming come out, instantly surrounded them, Philip Yun raised his hand, indicating for them that there was no need to be nervous.

Donford Wu took off his vest, pouching Food Dump in it, next, he used cloth stripes to tightly tie it to Yaara Ming’s body. Following, he gave his dagger to Yaara Ming.

“The next time you’re going to see him, I’m afraid that it’ll be after ten years. You don’t have anything to say to him?”

Philip Yun came over, grinning at Yaara Ming.

Donford Wu grimily smiled, shaking his head. This sentence that Philip Yun spoke was clearly to misdirect Yaara Ming. Don’t say ten years, even if it’s twenty or thirty years, they wouldn’t release him.

“I know I’m not a good wife……”

Yaara Ming cried to the point of not being form a word.

“Food Dump didn’t eat its fill today, remember to fed it again.”

Donford Wu pressed the tiger head on the Copper belt, raising his head to stroke Food Dump’s head.

“I’ll wait for your return.”

Just when Yaara Ming’s finished speaking, she was raised into the air. After four or five kilometers, her speed increased even more, without asking, it was the two people cooperating, after seven or eight kilometers, the third Gold clan Celestial Master’s Gold Qi arrived, the speed increasing even more, Yaara Ming and Food Dump disappeared just like that.

“Okay, they’re faraway now.”

Philip Yun patted Donford Wu’s shoulder.

“We should also be going too……”

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