War of the Supreme Mysteries 036


“Let’s go.”

Donford Wu nodded.

“Sorry about this……”

Something hit the back of Donford Wu’s head, in an instant, he fainted.

Waiting until he woke up, his surroundings completely changed. The lush and dense forest and the familiar mountain cave disappeared, what replaced it was a wooden roof and a white bed curtains. On top of him was a pink blanket, the surroundings filled with a faint sawdust smell.

“My deepest apologies for hitting you unconscious yesterday night.”

From the south came Philip Yun’s voice.

Donford Wu sat up, only seeing here was a very large room. On the east side were a zither and various instruments, on the west side was a small table for Go. The small table was net to a window, and on top of that was a wooden shelf. On the shelf was different kinds of vases and cans. In the middle of the room was a wooden chair, Philip Yun was sitting by a round table. On top of the table was a copper teapot, from its mouth, hot air came whistling out.

Determining his environment, Donford Wu’s feet touched the ground and got up. He didn’t ask where he was, the two copper basin filled with red hot charcoal meant he was in the cold north.

Philip Yun pointed at a seat opposite of him, Donford Wu went over and sat down.

“Come and drink some tea.”

Philip Yun raised the pot and poured tea for Donford Wu. At this time, he already changed into a winter clothing, something similar to cotton, but even softer and lighter.

Donford Wu looked carefully at the tea cup, the tea in the teacup was very muddled, apart from tea leaves, there was also some kind of powder in it. According to the smell, it should be some kind of edible grains.

Philip Yun put down the copper teapot, smiling lightly at Donford Wu.

With a single gulp, Donford Wu finished off the tea, following, he started examining the tea cup in his hands. The tea cup was a jaded white color, made of porcelain, this meant that the Xia dynasty already had chinaware.


Philip Yun asked.


Donford Wu put down the tea cup, the tea in this period of time might have been cooked, so it was rather thick.

“I really admire you.”

Philip Yun raised the pot and poured tea for Donford Wu.

“Why is that?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Because I like smart people.”

Philip Ming stated while smiling.

“I like things direct. Tell me, how are you planning to handle me?”

Donford Wu cupped the teacup in his hands, outside there was the whistles of the wind. The weather was very cold. Because there was a wind blocking white curtain over the window, he couldn’t see if it was currently snowing.

“How do you hope we handle you?”

Philip Yun put down the teapot.

“Would you do as I say?”

Donford Wu smiled. They kidnapped him clearly meant they treated him as a hostage. The reason was to make the Gold clan obedient. This was much smarter than the assassination attempt from before. Since he was a hostage, his life naturally wouldn’t be in danger, but what kind of treatment he would get was hard to say.

“No, what I say doesn’t go either.”

Philip Yun after shaking his head, lifted up his own tea cup.

“Last night, I tested your blood. You aren’t a pure Good blood, but rather a very strange kind of blood. Your kind of blood has no way to cultivate the Gold clan’s ways of controlling the laws.”

“I know.”

Donford Wu moved his itchy right hand.

“Take some of our healing Dan Pills, your wound should heal in three days.”

Philip Ming said.

“Thank you.”

Donford Wu thanked him. Philip Yun from appearing till now, was always polite to him, in it, there was definitely some falseness in it. But excluding this falseness, he felt that Philip Yun’s attitude most likely had a different goal.

“You’re welcome, may I ask you some questions?”

Philip Ming asked.

“I know nothing about the Gold clan.”

Donford Wu shook his head.

“I’m not interested in them, you aren’t a Gold clansmen, where are you from?”

Philip Yun questioned.

“I don’t want to lie to you.”

Donford Wu stated. No matter if Philip Yun was honest or not, at least he tries to be polite. When responding to him, he also doesn’t want to be too impolite.


Philip Yun wasn’t mad, but rather nodded with satisfaction.

“May I ask you a few questions?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Please, speak.”

Philip Ming raised his hand.

“Why did you kidnap me?”

Donford Wu ask.

Philip Ming raised his eyebrows, taking a look at Donford Wu, not answering immediately.

A cloud of doubt raised in Donford Wu’s heart. To him, this question was the simplest question. Without question, the reason the Earth clan captured him was to make the Gold clan obedient, but seeing Philip Yun’s expression, it didn’t seem to be as simple as he thought.

After the moment of silence, Philip Yun opened his mouth to speak.

“I also don’t want to lie to you.”

Donford Wu nodded his head. Even though Philip Yun didn’t answer his question, but without a doubt, indirectly confirmed that the reason they captured him was not as simply as making the Gold clan obedient, but there should also be other reasons.

“How will you handle me?”

Donford Wu inquired.

“We’ll send you to a safe place, the environment over there isn’t that great, also a food shortage. But you’ll be safe there, and not lonely.”

Philip Yun talking to here had a slight meaning to his smile.

“They have woman there.”

“Why are you being so polite to me?”

Donford Wu asked the thing he didn’t understand the most.

“I want to make a trade with you.”

Philip Yun said.

“I have nothing to trade with.”

Donford Wu picked up the tea cup, drinking a mouth full of grain tea.

Philip Yun shook his head.

“For now you don’t, but late on you might. If there is a day that I fall into your hands, then I hope you can let me and my family live. In return, I can let you stay here for three days. There is fine food here, and also young woman.”

“Since you predict that there would be such a day, why not just kill me?”

Donford Wu asked, not understanding.

“I have no power over this thing, if I could choose, I would have killed you directly yesterday night, and not bring you back here.”

Philip Yun shook his head in seriousness.

“You could say it was an accident.”

Donford Wu told him.

“I couldn’t bear the results of an accident.”

Philip Yun shook his head.

“Will you agree to my deal?”

“For such a good thing, of course I’ll agree.”

Donford Wu smiled.

Philip Yun raised his right palm.

“Aren’t you afraid I might back out of it?”

Donford Wu asked.

“I am, that’s why when I have the chance, I’ll still ask master to kill you.”

Philip Yun smiled.

Donford Wu laughed a bit. Raising his wounded right hand to hit the other’s hand. According to Philip Yun’s words, it wasn’t hard to see that Philip Yun already knew that he would bring danger, advocating for him to be killed immediately. But Philip Yun’s master, which should be the Celestial Master of the Skies and Earth, decided to keep him. As for the reason for not killing him, except for the Gold clan reason, there should be other reasons too.

“If you agree to it, then I want to add something.”

Philip Yun once again raised the copper teapot and poured tea for Donford Wu.

“Tell me.”

Donford Wu smiled, every person has a flaw, Philip Yun too, this person was greedy.

“The place you are going is going to be extremely hard. There, you won’t have the same treatment as you have today, but rather the total opposite. You might encounter many troubles, as long as it doesn’t harm the interests of the Eartht clan, then I can help you once.”

Philip Yun stated.

“Why not many times?”

Donford Wu smiled, questioning.

“Because I can’t always be passing by.”

Philip Ming smiled.

Donford Wu also smiled, no matter if this person was good or bad, at least it was always more joyful to exchange words with a smarter person than a dumb one.

“If the thing you want me to do will harm the interests of the other four clans, then I won’t do it.”

Donford Wu stated.

“It won’t.”

Philip Yun took a small ball around the size of a red bean from the jade rabbit. Passing it over to Donford Wu.

“If you need it, then throw it into a fire, I’ll come by very quickly.”

Donford Wu received the extremely small jade ball. Taking off the bandages on his right hand, he stuffed it inside the wound.

Even if a person enduring pain doesn’t furrow his brows, the people observing would.

“You already tried to urge your master, too bad your opinion wasn’t taken in. Relax, even if you ask me to kill your master, I’ll try my best.”

Donford Wu smiled.

Hearing this, Philip Yun’s expression changed drastically, his face revealing a violent expression. Angrily glaring at Donford Wu, he bit his teeth down, one word at a time.

“I really should have killed you.”

“If you could choose, you would have already killed me.”

Donford Wu shrugged, opening his hands.

After tens of seconds of staring, Philip Ming moved his gaze and sighed out a long breath. Next, he got up to stand.

“You were hit in the back of the head, so you’re dizzy and can’t walk, so of course you can’t go out.”

“Thank you.”

Donford Wu replied. The words Philip Yun spoke was the reason he would tell others so that he could stay for three days.

“I must hurry to the Celestial Master Manor. You take care of yourself.”

Philip Ming walked towards the exit.

“Where is this?”

Donford Wu asked.

“The capital.”

Philip Yun walking towards the door reached out his hand to pull on the handles. After opening the doors, he turned his head to say.

“We never had this conversation.”

“Of course.”

Donford Wu responded.

Philip Yun walked out.

“Get someone for me.”

Donford Wu shouted.

Philip Yun didn’t reply, only closing the door behind him.

Just when Philip Yun opened the door, he saw fluttering snowflakes coming down. And when he heard Philip Yun leaving, there was sound from his footsteps, the amount of snow outside was already very thick. In this kind of situation, it would leave footsteps if he wanted escape. The only results would be to be immediately sent to the hard environment, his three days of comfort would be gone.

Confirming he had no way to escape. Donford Wu picked up the copper teapot and poured himself some tea. Holding the teacup, he was frowning while thinking. The Gold clan would definitely think of something to save him, but the first thing they would have to know is his location. Before the Gold clan could save him, the only thing he can do is to guarantee his own live. The reason he is still alive right now is because of that Celestial Master of the Skies and Earth. As for why he would let him live, this was what he needed to solve. Because every action he makes would most likely be known by the Celestial Master of the Skies and Earth. Was it an act of confidence or just pretending to be stupid? These two ideas wouldn’t work, his age wouldn’t be small, his disciple was already this sly, the master would surely be even cleverer. Any kind of fake actions would most likely be seen through, he shouldn’t pretend to do anything and just do what he is supposed to.

Not long after, a knocking sound sounded out from the outside. Donford Wu responded with a shout. A woman wearing a linen dress came walking in. This woman was about twenty years old, was pretty good looking. Her figure was also not bad. The cloth covering her breast only covered about a sixth of it, the linen dress could let light through, letting everything to be seen.

This woman probably did specialized in doing this, even if she wasn’t the slightest bit of embarrassed, she pretend to be. Walking in, she closed the door behind her. Walking north towards the bed, she stumbled over. When she walked, her face hung a tempting and charming smile.

“It’s already way into winter and you’re wearing so little, aren’t you cold?”

Donford Wu frowned while asking. The reason why he told Philip Yun to get someone for him was because he was “dizzy” and couldn’t go out, he should at least get an errand boy. Who would’ve thought that Philip Yun would send him this kind of thing.


The woman lowered her head in slight embarrassment, walking over to the side of the bed and sitting down.

“If you’re not cold then don’t go lay in the bed, go and get something for me to eat……”

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