War of the Supreme Mysteries 037


The woman froze, sitting there, not moving.

“I’m hungry, go out and get something for me to eat.”

Donford Wu waved his hand at the woman.

This time, the woman heard clearly, leaving the bed side, she went in front of Donford Wu.

“What do you want to eat?”

“The best.”

Donford Wu stated. Philip Yun just said that they had fine food here, he was curious on what exactly were these fine foods.

“Soup meat is the best.”

The woman responded.

“Then that, go.”

Donford Wu waved his hand to shoo her away.

The woman walked towards the door, while she strode over there, she routinely looked back over her head. She had accompanied many guests, but this was the first time that in front of a beauty, only wanted to eat something.

Not even five minutes have passed and the woman came back, bringing a few servant looking people with her. The person walking in the front held a strange looking copper ware, a bit like a small round “Ding”, the people behind held various sized wooden buckets.

A stone slab, on top was the copperware, adding water, adding charcoal. Seeing the charcoal, Donford WU understood, this was a hotpot, the Xia dynasty already had hotpots.

The meat were in slices. One person eating while a lot of people were serving him. Donford Wu didn’t like being served by people, calling off the few servants, he sat there eating. Apart from being a bit slow to heat up, it was pretty similar to hotpots in modern times. Too bad at this time there wasn’t any spices, he couldn’t indulge to the fullest.

“Come over, come over.”

Donford Wu gestured at the youthful woman standing by the door.

This woman just went outside for a spin, her face cold to being white as snow, her lips now a bit purple. Hearing Donford WU call her, she pulled a long face coming over, not knowing what order would Donford Wu give her.

“Is there any alcohol?”

Donford Wu questioned.

“There is, yes, there is.”

The woman continuously responded, turning around, she went to the west wall’s wooden shelf.

“What kind would you like to drink?”

“The best.”

Donford Wu stated.

Hearing this, she raised her heels to take a porcelain vase from the left corner of the shelf. The vase was a bit larger than modern wine bottles, more like the one vases you put flower in, on top of it was a cap.

Donford Wu threw away the tea in his tea cup and indicated for the woman to pour the alcohol.

The woman poured it for him. Donford Wu raised the originally teacup that turned into a shot cup, discovering the alcohol was crystal clear. A person with money and power really is different, the alcohol waste was all filtered away. Tasting a bit, the alcohol level wasn’t very high, rather fresh.

“What’s your name?”

Donford asked the woman who was standing by his side, holding the wine bottle. The woman held the bottle with quite the professional posture, with a glance, it was easy to know that she had done these kinds of things before.

“Lily (Li) Yao.”

The woman replied.

“You can sit down too.”

Donford Wu pointed at the seat opposite of him.

Lily Yao shook her head, standing there, not moving.

“Sit and eat!”

Donford Wu raised his voice.

Lily Yao slid into the seat, Donford Wu passed over a set of chopsticks, indicating for her to eat with her own hands.

Wearing nice clothes doesn’t mean eating very well, Lily Yao very much liked lamb meat. Donford Wu intentionally didn’t look at her, letting her eat freely.

Waiting until Lily Yao completely relaxed, Donford Wu started to pour alcohol for her, Lily Yao took the bottle and poured for Donford Wu first.

Controlling emotions was a must in the tool belt of a commanding officer in the military. Very quickly, he built a good relationship with Lily Yao. From her mouth, he got to know that this place was an inn for officials. Officials from all around coming to the capital would come here for temporary rest and stay. In this place was around a dozen more woman like her, all slaves. Their jobs were to accompany the officials that came from the outside.

Donford Wu once heard from Yaara Ming that the Xia dynasty had slaves, but he didn’t know where the slaves came from. Only after asking Lily Yao did he know that slaves mostly came from wars between tribes. The losing side would be killed or taken in as slaves. The descendants of the slaves would also be slaves, this made up most of the slave population. Aside from them, criminals would also be punished into slaves. Civilians offending powerful people and shamans would all be punished to become slaves. All in all, if one is not careful, they’ll become slaves.

Asking the amount of slaves, Lily Yao replied with a lot, but she couldn’t say the exact amount.

Royalty and different ranked shamans all had different amount of slaves. Slaves do the hardest jobs, no freedom, no vacations, and of course no income. They didn’t wish for these things, they only wanted to live and if they could, they would be satisfied. This was because their owners could casually decide their life and death. Killing a slave was as normal as killing chicken and slaughtering dogs. Anytime their heads could fall to the ground.

Asking to why they didn’t resist. Lily Yao’s reply made him unable to laugh or cry. Compared to those slaves there were killed, for them to be able to live was already very fortunate.

After thinking carefully about it, Donford Wu understood their attitude on this kind of matter. People have a side were they are greedy to the point of no return. Taking an inch, they’ll try to get a foot, getting a foot, they would try to get a yard, forever unsatisfied. But there was also a side of humanity that felt content. When they were accustomed to suppression and pressure, getting an occasional very small gift would already be enough to make them extremely grateful.

Eating and drinking till his fill, Donford Wu opened the door and went out. At this time, it was still snowing. Only after walking out the room did he discover the layout of this place was like a square inside a square, the four sides all having rooms. Once he went out, the doors on the rooms to the two sides were instantly pulled open, two purple robed Earth clan Celestial Masters staring at him with alertness.

Donford Wu untied his pants and pissed by the side of the door. Afterwards, under the angry gaze of the two Celestial Masters, he went back inside.

“Get someone to clean up, I want to eat something else for lunch.”

Donford Wu told Lily Yao.

Lily Yao replied with a sound, wrapping clothes tightly around herself, she walked out.

Donford Wu went back to the bed to lay down. Philip Yun once said, the place he will be going three days later wouldn’t have a too good of an environment and the food there would be in shortage, but there was woman. To fulfil these three conditions would most likely be an area where slaves lived. If it was really like that, the Gold clan would never be able to find him, because they wouldn’t think that the Earth clan would place someone as important as him in a place with slaves.

Not long after, there was someone to clean up, Donford Wu shouted at them.

“I want roasted meat for lunch.”

There was someone who replied. Waiting until all of them left, Lily Yao climbed up on top of him, beginning to loosen her clothes.

“Lay down and don’t move.”

Donford Wu pushed her down, pulling the blanket over to cover her.

Lily Yao waited a bit, seeing Donford Wu not moving, she reached over to pull on him.

“If you move again, I’ll hit you.”

Donford Wu put on a blank face.

Lily Yao didn’t dare move.

Donford Wu put his hands behind his head, thinking on what to do. He couldn’t hope to leave it all to the Gold clan, he must also think of a way to escape. At the moment, the Earth clan was very nervous with him, so he couldn’t escape now. If he wanted to escape, he would have to wait for a period of time.

Eating roasted meat for lunch, Donford Wu first let Lily Yao eat her fill and shooed her away. Next, he placed the roasted meat into alcohol jars. When he left here, he would most likely have to suffer starvation, he should prepare some rations.

Waiting until the night, Lily Yao came back. Telling him that she was an errand girl with special services. He let Lily Yao become the boss of this place, he wanted thick clothes to defend against the cold. Even though Philip Yun didn’t come by, but he was as familiar with this place as the back of his hands, so naturally he wouldn’t refuse his requests. The next morning, Lily Yao brought thick clothing over.

This day, he ate roasted meat for all three meals. The clothes for this time of the year were mostly made of oakum, making the clothes as hard as a board. But this was exactly what he wanted, after putting in beef, no one would suspect him. Putting in several kilograms of beef inside, Donford Wu opened the doors and sat by the entrance. He wanted to borrow the cold wind to blow away the scent of beef, guaranteeing no one would discover the beef.

At the last day, Donford Wu slept all day long. The night arriving, so did Lily Yao.

“What is it?”

Donford Wu asked in suspicion. Lily Yao’s face didn’t have a trace of color, her body shivering, almost to the point where she would fall down.

Lily Yao locked her gaze on Donford Wu, after a few seconds, she knelt down. Hitting her head on the ground continuously at DOnford Wu.

“Please save me, save me.”

Donford Wu quickly went over, helping Lily Yao up.

“What happened?”

“If you don’t touch me tonight, the Celestial Masters will kill me.”

Lily Yao shook incredibly.

“Do you know who I am?”

Donford Wu brought Lily Yao over to a seat.

Lily Yao’s mental state still in shambles, shook her head in a loss.

“I am their captive, I was kidnapped by them over here, I can’t help you.”

Donford Wu shook his head saying.

“As long as you let me service you, I can live.”

Lily Yao’s eyes had that of a pitiful beggar.

Donford Wu didn’t speak. He wouldn’t have thought that Philip Yun and his crew would do such a thing. Right now, he was thinking why they would do this, and also the results of touching this female slave and not touching her.

Seeing him not speaking, Lily Yao once again kneeled down, crying while begging, her tears fell down as streams.

Donford Wu didn’t move, they were Celestial Masters with respectable statuses. Not some bored rich kid. They wouldn’t do this kind of thing just for fun, there must be a deeper meaning behind this.

“Have you served a shaman before?”

Donford Wu asked.

Lily Yao first froze, after she stopped crying, she shook her head.

Donford Wu understood. A shaman in these times were the workers of the deities. Naturally they wouldn’t touch women like Lily Yao, at least not in plain sight. This was because they cared about their own reputation. The reason why they did this was to ruin his reputation, as long as he touched Lily Yao, then it would a stain on his history forever.

Discovering their sinister thoughts, Donford Wu slowly shook his head. Lily Yao was pitiful and without help, he really wanted to save her, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t overcome this hurdle in his heart. If they loved each other, then there wouldn’t be anything wrong, but if they didn’t have any feelings, then he absolutely couldn’t do anything. If not, what was the difference between him and an animal? Not only that, he had to think about the Gold clan, he was the Gold clan’s Celestial Master of the White Tiger, if something happened to him, then the Gold clan would be ashamed with him.

“Don’t cry, I’ll help you.”

Donford Wu helped Lily Yao up.

Lily Yao brightened, saying her thanks over and over again.

“Bring some alcohol over, come and drink with me. “

Donford Wu sat down on a chair next to the table.

Lily Yao joyously brought over a jug of alcohol, pouring a cupful for Donford Wu, also pouring some for herself.

Donford Wu finished it all in one go, Lily Yao followed him and drank it in one go too.

Pouring again, drinking again, still pouring, and still drinking.

Not long after, the jug of alcohol was half empty. Donford Wu stood up and walked over behind Lily Yao, placing his arms over her shoulders.

“Why are your eyes red?”

Lily Yao titled her head to look at Donford Wu.

“Do you want to leave from here?”

Donford Wu whispered into her ears.

“I do, but they won’t let me go.”

Lily Yao shook her head.

“I’ll send you off.”

Donford Wu closed his eyes and with a spin, broke Lily Yun’s neck……

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