War of the Supreme Mysteries 025

Same Bed

With a heart filled with doubt, Yaara Ming helped Donford Wu back to the room

“I’m thirsty, give me some water.”

Donford Wu laid on the bed acting like a lord.Read More »

War of the Supreme Mysteries 024

Ginger is the Elderly’s Spice

Yaara Ming helplessly sighed, slowly following him out.

“Even when you walk you’re unsteady, where exactly do you want to go?”

Donford Wu didn’t say anything. Enduring to this point was already his limit. His knees weak, arms heavy (TL NOTE: mom spaghetti). The originally flat road was curved in titled in his eyes, shaking from side to side.Read More »

War of the Supreme Mysteries 021

Gold Clan Tribe

The crowd outside the courtyard still hasn’t dispersed. When Yaara Ming came out, it immediately caused a sensation in the crowd. In the eyes of a male Gold clansmen, a mask wearing lady shaman was a beautiful yet mysterious scene. Every single person would guess what kind of face was hiding behind the ferocious mask. After countless guesses and imaginations, today, they finally had an answer. A calm noble composure, brighter than anything around them.Read More »

War of the Supreme Mysteries 029

White Tiger Tattoo

Donford Wu had his back facing the copper mirror in the sky, so he wasn’t able to see what was happening in the copper mirror. Even though he really wanted to look back, but he forced himself to endure it. He knew very clearly that moving would cause the Three Records Glimpse to stop.

Even though he didn’t move, the Three Records Glimpse didn’t last long, after the ball cried out the Eight Wooden Dragon Thunderclap, Charles Ming retracted his hand, then following the other two did too.Read More »