God and Devil World 063


After finished speaking, Lu Wen also took a look at Guo Yu.

Lu Wen was also a beauty, her figure was fuller than girls her age. However, compared to Guo Yu, she was still a bit lacking. Guo Yu’s skin is white and youthful, her bosom very full, and had a lovely baby face. Truly an example of a youthful virgin. Seeing Guo Yu, it put a lof of pressure on Lu Wen.

Wang Lan was ignored by Lu Wen, she intuitively felt Wang Lan was not her rival, and so was not a threat to her at all.Read More »

God and Devil World 062

Conversation in the Night

Lei Chen was Tiger Wang number one henchmen that was notorious in Lei Jiang City. He is Tiger Wang trusted henchmen, and still following Tiger Wang.

Zhang Xiang and Chen Yan were the talented people that Tiger Wang recruited among the survivors. Zhang Xiang was a gang leader of five or six men when he was recruited by Tiger Wang.

The Chen Si that blocked Yue’s way on the road junction is the cousin of Chen Yan.Read More »

God and Devil World 061


After Yue left, Lei Chen started to expressed his dissatisfaction, and said: “Boss Tiger, why did you give Guo Yu to him? You know that I like Guo Yu . Is this not helping an outsider?”

Tiger Wang looked at Lei Chen, frowned, disappointingly said: “Lei, why did you not understand? Beside having fun with women, what other use do they have? What we are lacking are firearms! As long as we have the firearms, what women can we not get out hands on? Besides, what about all your other women? You have seven women, yet you still aren’t tired of playing around?”Read More »

God and Devil World 060

The Youthful Girl, Guo Yu

Tiger Wang laughed out loud, then said: “HA HA! Little brother Yue, you have no idea. I reckoned that the central government has fallen. If they had not fallen, they would have released a notice of stability to reassured the public. It has been more than half a month since Long Hai City had broadcast a notice of the survival enclave to reassured the public. But there have not been any notice from the central government, they have all most likely became zombies.”Read More »

God and Devil World 059

Tiger Wang’s Ambition

Yue towards Tiger Wang said: “You should not covet your friend’s wife. Boss Tiger, these women are are all yours. How can I take your women?”

Tiger Wang smiled towards Yue, and then kicked the women kneeling at his feet as if kicking a dog and said: “I know that these women are not as beautiful as the women that you have brought along. But these women are very obedient. Wang Lan, go and properly serve Yue. Today, he is your master.Read More »

God and Devil World 058

Den of Thieves

A little boy ran up to Zhang Xin, with his big round eyes staring at Zhang Xin, said: “Beautiful big sister, if you don’t eat these things, can you give it to us? We are so hungry!”

Zhang Xin’s eyes filled with sympathy seeing the hungry little boy. She pulled out a biscuit and handed it to the boy: “How can you eat these things! This is a biscuit for you! ”

The little boy took the biscuit, expressed his gratitude and fled away: “Thank you big sister! Thank you, big sister!”Read More »

God and Devil World 057


Yue looked at Zhang Xiang, and lightly said: “Chi Yang, show some mercies, don’t kill him.”

Chi Yang nodded and walked out. He then reached toward Zhang Xiang and said: “You first! Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

Hearing Chi Yang echoing Yue’s word only made Zhang Xiang even angrier. His eyes were filled with hostility, with a cold laugh, he then walked in front of the Chi Yang.Read More »

God and Devil World 056

Tiger Wang

Yue smiled and said: “Excuse my offence!”

Chen Si quickly strode towards Tiger Wang. White Bones then stepped forward, blocking his way.

Chen Si frowned, then turned to look at Yue and said: “Yue, what do you mean by this?”

Yue lightly said: “It’s nothing. Once big brother Tiger allows us to depart, you will be able to leave my side.”Read More »

God and Devil World 055


The whole city of Lei Jiang became a hunting ground for zombies as they were released from the shopping district. In Lei Jiang City, the roles of hunter and prey had switched. In the face of those evolved zombies, the humans who were strengthened by the magical system was killed one by one. Their flesh and blood swallowed by the zombies.

Lei Jiang City had became true hell. The strengthened humans that survived became more cautious, as their lives have become more difficult.Read More »

God and Devil World 054

Fleeing Lei Jiang City

After arriving back at the apartment, Yue in a serious voice said: “Everyone immediately start transporting supplies. Move all the supplies from the apartment to the trucks.”

Seeing Yue so serious, all the girls in the room were nervous.

Zhang Li came over and asked: “Yue, what’s the matter!”

Yue in a deep voice said: “We’re going to leave here at once, and go to Long Hai survivor enclave.”Read More »